2011 Hibernation Site Locations.
Turtles M15 through M19 (all males) are new for 2011.

Turtle M17 is a transient that traveled and hibernated far from this study site.  Here is the page dedicated to M17



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Winter 2011-2012 was extremely mild, with very little precipitation and no winter snow pack.  This was the 3rd warmest winter on record for this region and March was the warmest on record.  Each  turtle was carrying an iButton temperature logger recording soil temperatures every 4 hours.   Air temperature loggers were placed near each hibernation site.
Eastern Box Turtle
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Hibernation soil, air, and iButton temperature data and charts in Excel format for 16 sites available here
2011 Summer Season and Hibernation
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Terrapene carolina carolina
A Relict Population Doomed To Extinction?
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M1(female)  This was the fourth full season tracking M1.
M3(male) This was the third full season tracking turtle M3(M).
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