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Eastern Box Turtle
High Elevation Study
2009 Hiberation Site Locations
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Hibernation Temperature Charts   Soil temperatures were recorded with stationary loggers buried very close to the hibernation site at a depth of approximately 6-8 inches.  Air temperatures were recorded with loggers placed nearby approximately 4 1/2 feet off the ground, in solar shelters.  Logged low air temperatures are accurate, highs recorded in the spring were occassionally influenced by direct sunlight (sunflecks) coming through deteriorating sun shades.
Hibernation soil, air, and iButton temperature data and charts in Excel format for all sites available here
2009 Summer Season and Hibernation
The spring of 2009 was the beginning of the season tracking M1 and M2 who were found last season and tracked into hibernation.  Both turtles were observed at emergence, with the bonus of finding turtle M3(M) close to M1(F).  M3 was radio tagged and tracked the remainer of the season.  Ten additional turtles were found this season.  Most were meeting or mating with turtle's M1, M2 and M3, and most were radio tagged and tracked.  Turtle M5(M) was found crossing the road, radio tagged and tracked.
Turtle M7(M) was found in the power line ROW while tracking other turtles, processed and released. He is likely a transient, since he has never been refound since.  Turtle M2(M) was observed mating with M4(F), but was killed  later as he was crossing the road returning from a long forray where he was observed mating with turtle M11(F)Turtle M6(F) was found close to M3, tracked to her nesting site across the road in the meadow, where she was later lost due to her radio being damaged by wildlife.  M6 was re-found in 2010 and has been tracked into 2021.
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Terrapene carolina carolina
A Relict Population Doomed To Extinction?
M1(female)  This was the second full season tracking M1.  Subsequent years tracking would confirm this to be M1's primary activity area
M2(male) Killed by a vehicle as he was crossing back from a long forray.  M11(F) was found mating with M2(M) before his death, and was radio-tagged and tracked since.
M3(male) a
Turtle M4 (female),  (686 grams) was a very old female and the second largest turtle in this population.  She was found 6/3/09 mating with M2, and tracked through 2020.
Turtle M5 (male), a 345 gram male,was found  6/11/2009 while crossing the road
Turtle M6 (female) is a very old, large (510 gram) female found in the powerline ROW close to M3 (male)  on 6/12/09 and tracked to her nesting site.  She was lost due to wildlife damage to her transmitter, but was re-found near M1(F) in 2010 near the "South Slope Meeting Area", and was again lost after only 2 days.

M11(female) was found in the woods in 2009 mating with Turtle M2, after he had traveled a long distance and crossed the road.  Turtle M2 was killed by a vehicle while re-crossing the road after the mating
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Green Dot = Emergence,  Red Dot = Hibernation, Blue Dot = NEW FIND, White Dot = Dead
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