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Turtle Weights and Measures as of 2024



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Annual tracked travel (miles) data.

This is GPS, point to point, flat map mileage, not actual or thread-trailing mileage which would be much greater in most cases.
Turtle Hibernation and Emergence Dates and Activity and Hibernation Duration
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Turtle Finding Chart
An explanation of this chart is located here.
An explanation of this chart is located here.
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Eastern Box Turtle
                Terrapene carolina carolina
High Elevation Study
A Relict Population Doomed To Extinction?
2018 Summer
2018 Hibernation
2019 Summer
2019 Hibernation
2020 Summer
2020 Hibernation
2021 Summer
2021 Hibernation
2022 Summer
2023 Summer
Meeting and Mating
Turtle Catalog
M17 Superturtle
Land Use History
Odds and Ends
The Bottom Line
Thread Trailing