M1, Female   586 gr.
M2, Male, Killed while crossing the road in 2009
M3, Male   517 gr.
M5, Male   345 gr., transient
M6, Female   509 gr.
M7, Male   470 gr.
M8, Male   445 gr.  DEAD in hibernation 2019
M10, Male   555 gr.
M11, Female   475 gr.
M12, Male   473 gr.
M13, Male   508 gr.
M14, Male   390 gr.  Killed by tracter and mower in 2017
M15, Male   522 gr.  Killed 7/6/19 while crossing the road
M16, Male, 375 gr,   DEAD 2016 of natural causes
M17, Male   430 gr., transient  

M18, Male   606 gr.
M19, Male   434 gr. Killed crossing road 9/12/18



Turtle Catalog
In this study area, no turtles are being permanently file marked.  Instead, individuals are cataloged using photographs.  Natural carapace markings are easily distinguished from turtle to turtle, and better yet, plastron markings are even more distinct.  Click here to see a chart of weights and measurments of each turtle.
M4, Female,  686 gr., Killed by small mammal attack in 2020
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Killed while crossing the road in 2006 within the study area
M21, Male   426 gr.
M22, Female   470 gr.
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M30, Male  486 gr.
M32, Male  425 gr.
M33, Male
M34, Male  160 gr.
M35  35.5 gr.
M37, Male, 435 gr.  Killed while crossing road in 2015
M43, Female   455 grams
M39, Female,   430gr.   Dead in form of unknown cause 2016
M40, Female   435 grams
M44, Female 480 grams
M47, Female 390 grams
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M54, Male 420 grams
Found while crossing the road in 2006 within the study area and moved off the road, never yet refound.
M56,  Male,  479 grams
M61, Male,  385 grams
M63 Female 424 grams
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Eastern Box Turtle
                Terrapene carolina carolina
High Elevation Study
A Relict Population Doomed To Extinction?
M71 Male,   442 grams
M9, Female,  433 gr.   Killed while crossing the road in 2016
M20, Male   375 gr.
M23, Female   420 gr.
M24, Female   415 gr.
M25, Female  435 gr.   Killed by tracter and mower in 2017
M26, Male   430 gr.
M27, Male   541 grams
M28, Juvenile
M29, Male  396 gr.
M31, Male  330 gr.  Transient
M36, Female,  395 gr.  Killed while crossing road in 2015
M38, Female    521 gr.
M41, Female   460 grams
M42, Female 510 grams
M45, Male 425 grams
M46, Male 430 grams
M48, Male 480 grams
M49, Female 515 grams
M50, Male 370 grams
M51, Male, 520 grams, Killed while crossing the road in 2019
M52, Male 430 grams
M53, Female 585 grams
M55,  Male, 220 grams
M57, Female,  455 grams
M58, Male,  505 grams
M59, Male,  329 grams
M60, Male,  429 grams
M62, Male,  DEAD, 400 grams
M64 Male, 382 grams
M65 Male, 395 grams, DEAD attacked by small mammals
M66 Male,  495 grams, transient
M67 Male,  431 grams, Dead on road
M68 Male,  350 grams
M69 Female,  479 grams
M70 Male,   507 grams
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Turtle Catalog
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M72 Male,   430 grams
M73 Male,   490 grams
M74 Female,  450 grams