Turtle M24 (female) 11/14 This turtle was taken to the Wildlife Center of Virginia on 11/14/14
Turtle M6 (female) 11/16  This turtle was taken to the Wildlife Center of Virginia on 11/16/14.  M6 had a completely normal summer season which included 2 road crossings to nest and at least 2 matings.  She DID fin...a....ly make it back to her previous several years hibernation hole, but after some thought and consultation, was removed from underground and taken for treatment.
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Bi-weekly weights of these turtles are in charts here
2014 Sick Turtles
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This chart of the iButton on M6's carapace shows her treatment temperatures while in isolation during the winter months while at the Wildlife Center of Va.  The high temperatures are maintained by a heat pad under the turtle's container, and a thermostat.  Ten day averages (trendline not shown) ranged from about 67 to 77 degrees F.  Turtles were taken to WCV on 11/14 and 11/16 and picked up for release on 5/25.    Both turtles were acclimated in an outdoor pen for a number of days prior to being released.
Turtle M6 after treartment
Turtle M24 after treatment
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