High Elevation Study
This medium size photo is the core of the study area today.  The primary difference between this and the original smaller study area (aside from almost doubling in size)  is the inclusion of the area to the west including the clearcut where M13 frequented and hibernated.

625 acres
(252.8 Hectares)

0.971 mile
(1.563 Km) wide

1.004 miles
(1.616 Km) high

Turtles have been tracked to the north, south, and west of this photo, including transients, and other long distance resident travelers.
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Study Area Description
On this page are found aerial photos used on this site to plot turtle routes.  Visualizing mountainous terrain features and vegetation from 2-D photos can be difficult.
Fall, color photo of study area  Light greens are lawns and pastures, medium greens are pines, dark greens are rhododendrons and browns are oak-hickory-maples and other deciduous species.

North facing slopes are primarily rhododendron / hardwood mix, south facing slopes are primarily hardwood / softwood mix.
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Eastern Box Turtle
                Terrapene carolina carolina
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