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After a hot,  record high summer, fall temperatures arrived for less than a week at the end of October before nightime temperatures in the 20's and 30's arrived in  November.  Some Fall weather returned in December......  Turtles that traveled to their normal hibernation sites went into the soil in mid november, and those that don't have sites they re-use, stayed in shallow forms until the day and night temperatures turned winter-like.
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2021 Hibernation Sites

The photo shows the 2021 hibernation sites.

Turtles M13, M11, M27, M24, M38, M48, M6, M43, M57, and M49 all hibernated at or close to their 2019 hibernation sites.

Not shown is the hibernation of turtle M66, a likely transient found crossing the road in June 2021 and traveled 2.2 GPS miles from his found location, off the photo to the north.  
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