2012 Summer Season
This page contains maps and data from the 2012 summer season.

Two new males and 4 new females were found this year, improving the female/male ratio somewhat, and increasing the workload.
Turtle M20 (male) was found on 5/1/12 and traveled 1.3 GPS miles in 2012.  He was found meeting with turtle M19 (male) and was found very close to several other turtles over the course of the summer.  M20 crossed the road on 8/30/12 and met with turtle M18 (male) the following day in a location just outside M18's normal activity area.  M20 then proceded upslope in the woods to the highest point on the knoll (elevation 3480 ft)  and eventually hibernated nearby.

Turtle M20 is missing one front limb.
Turtle M21 (male) was found on 5/26/12 and traveled 1.0 GPS miles in 2012 and 2.2 miles in 2013.  He was found meeting with turtle M3 (male), and mating with turtle M24 (female) on 9/22/12.  All three turtles hibernated nearby,  near the edge of the ROW, under pines.
Turtle M22 (Female) was found on 6/19/12  mating with turtle M15 (male) and was tracked 1.3 GPS miles before being lost on 7/22/12.
Turtle 23 (female) was found on 6/28/12 while mating with turtle M18 (male) and was lost after only 3 locations dispite having both radio and thread.
Turtle 24 (female) was found late in the season on 9/22/12 while mating with turtle M21 (male) and went into hibernation after only 6 locations on 10/19/12.  Turtles M21, M3, ans M1 all hibernated nearby at the ROW edge.
Turtle M25 (female) was found late in the season, on 9/28/12 while mating with turtle M18 (male) and was tracked to 9 locations before hibernating on 10/20/12 close to M18's hibernation location.  Both hibernated at a high elevation, at the edge of the meadow near the woods edge under pines.
All turtle routes tracked in 2012.



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Turtle M5 was lost before hibernation this season, but was found in 2015 crossing a road.  Here is a page on the re-find.
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